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Yesterday in STAMPS:
French WW II Forgeries

(From STAMPS Magazine, August 16, 1947)

The following two articles were taken from a STAMPS edition that was dedicated to French philately. JFD.

The Petain Counterfeits Made by the French Resistance
by Carroll Chase

I am frank to admit that 20th Century stamps ordinarily appeal to me very little. Practically all my philatelic work has been with the more or less classic 19th Century stamps and the early postal markings. But, this counterfeit made during the last—no the latest—war is an exception.

The various groups in France called "La Resistance" had a workshop in Paris called "L'atelier des Faux"—the place where all kinds of counterfeits were made to cheat and delude the Germans as well as the Petain government. Making passports, travel permits, food tickets and the identity cards (which all people living in France had to carry), etc., etc., was the principle function of this workshop. The men and women here engaged worked under the greatest difficulty. For example, they were obliged to…

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